Dr. Johnny Van Hove, Cultural Scientist (M.A.)

Johnny Van Hove, born in Brussels, studied English-Speaking Cultures, History, and Transcultural Studies in Bremen. He did his PhD in the field of Global History at the University of Groningen. In his PhD, he focuses, amongst others, on the US. American discourse on (forced) migrants from Central West Africa (Congo).

Johnny Van Hove has lived and worked in various European countries – Scotland, Belgium, Germany –, where he worked as a project officer for transnational networks, such as the "Collegium for African American Research" (CAAR). Within this context, he has conceptionalised and organized international conferences and debates about diversity and discrimination. Prior to that, he worked a number of years as an internet expert in Glasgow and Hamburg.

He is a book author and frequent contributor of online news media. His topics are, amongst others, migration, racism, social inequality, gender, and postcolonial questions.

Johnny Van Hove is addicted to news articles. He loves basketball and lives in Kreuzberg-Friedrichshain.

johnny.vanhove(at)ebb-bildung.de | Telefon +49 30 261037 11